Mar 31, 2014

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 37


With the release of the new British film Svengali this week, we have the opportunity to bring you something very special - last October Matt was invited for an in-depth chat with Writer and Star of the film, Jonny Owen.

Mar 31, 2014

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 36


So here we are a brand new show, packed full of reviews - Non Stop, The Book Thief, The Monument Men & The Lone Survivor. We also share our time at Cardiff Comic Con 2014 - so strap your Geekgasms down and enjoy!!


Jan 17, 2014

The Watchers Film Show Ep35

Our New show of 2014 & the return of regular shows as Tez has moved back to Cardiff.

We check out American Hustle, Anchorman 2, Last Vegas and 12 years a slave.


Sep 3, 2013

Cardiff Film & Comic Con 2013: Watchers Film Show Special

The Watchers had a day out, without Tez :(  
We met legends, shopped at the awesome merchandise stands, went to the Q & A sessions and met the General Lee!


Jun 20, 2013

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 32 - Superman


This time we take a retrospective look back at the man of steel at the movies and we review the new adventure - Man Of Steel


May 21, 2013

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 31


Enjoy our Star Trek Special - we look at all the films from 1979 to 2013!!!


May 1, 2013

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 30


This show we have our reviews of Iron Man 3, Olympus Has Fallen, Trance and we take a look at our favorite films from the 1970s - Enjoy :)


Apr 4, 2013

The Watchers Film Show Ep 29


This Episode we fit allot in of the latest cinema and DVD releases - GI JOE: RETALIATION, WELCOME TO THE PUNCH, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, PARKER & STOLEN. Then on small screen we look at MADAGASCAR 3 & PREMIUM RUSH. Enjoy :)


Mar 8, 2013

The Watchers Film Show: Ep 28 - A Die Hard Special


Rhys takes a look back at the franchise and a review of the fith installment.


Nov 5, 2012

Rhys on GTFM’s Film Show: 04/11/12

09FullLogo2Music_040.jpg Well during our Bondathon, Tez and myself appeared on there special 007 show. A week later after successfully completing the challenge, they kindly called us for our thoughts on Skyfall & too see how we are after 23 Bond films in 3 days! withtext_small.jpg Tez wasn't available so they had to make do with me !! So, here's the clip from last Sunday's GTFM Film Show, hope you enjoy and don't forget you can still donate to our Bondathon - donations are open until the end of November. Many thanks.


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