About Us

We are The Watchers, we are two movie buffs on a mission to bring you real views on movies - no bull, no lies just real gut instincts. We watch then we record as soon as we get out of the theatre!

So who are The Watchers?

Rhys Jones 

 I'm a thirtysomething who's mad on movies - always have been and always will be! I blame my mother - it's all her fault, from watching Star Wars, Star Trek and hours of Doctor Who, I- of course- became a movie geek! Not only is my passion in my spare time - I studied film and television at university and now work for a Welsh television company within their post production department. So you could say I'm the technical minded, blockbuster movie event loving Watcher! 

Terrance Edwards 

Thirtysomething film fan with a seriously eclectic taste in films. An unashamed movie geek and card-carrying Whovian, I was born in Pembrokeshire, attended Cardiff University and Trinity College Carmarthen to become a double graduate in English literature and Creative Writing. I currently work for Cardiff Council in a challenging but fun role and use a night at the cinema as the perfect way to unwind. I'll watch pretty much anything from gross-out comedy to cerebral thriller- but the cardinal sin a movie can commit is to bore me.

Matthew Ford

Born across the border in England (don’t hold that against me!), my degree was in Film and Television at Aberystwyth, going on to study Screenwriting in Bournemouth. Both courses have meant I've never been able to sit back and watch a film ever again.Strangely for someone who studied film – and has joined a film blog – I am writing for theatre, with my scripts being performed at a few festivals and new writing events around the country. I guess I’m the Watcher who will pick apart a script like the contents of a bucket of KFC, but I can also put my brain into neutral and watch a film with fast cars, explosions, and CGI. I’m willing to give any film a go (except musicals. I've always wondered where the music’s coming from. Is the lead being stalked by an orchestra?).


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